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BASF SPF UL Validation

BASF works with UL Environment to validate susclaims for Polyurethane Spray Foam products

Wyandotte, MI, August 18, 2011 - BASF today announced that it has engaged UL Environment (ULe) and their Environmental Claims Validation (ECV) service to verify environmental and sustainability claims for volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, mold resistance and bio-based content of its Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) products. ULe's conclusive and independent third-party validation process further supports SPF's product performance for use in the Building & Construction industry.

The initial Environmental Claims Validations (ECVs) completed by ULe in June 2011 were performed on BASF's SPF wall insulation, air barrier and roofing products, including: ENERTITE®, SPRAYTITE®, WALLTITE®, COMFORT FOAM®, FE348 Series and ELASTOSPRAY®. Under ULe's ECV service guidelines, each validated environmental claim is periodically reassessed to ensure consistent performance characteristics and continued compliance with the applicable standard.

Michael Sievers, Business Manager - Polyurethane Spray Systems at BASF stated, "As one of the first manufacturers in our industry to work with ULe on this type of initiative, we are extremely proud to announce the validation of environmental and sustainability claims for our SPF products. Independent, third-party validation provides our customers, code officials and the design community with the utmost confidence in the sustainability attributes of our line of spray foam insulation products. It is critical to the success of our industry and our customers that we continually adapt to the evolving landscape of environmental sustainability."

BASF Polyurethane Systems spray business offers spray-applied polyurethane foam technology for insulation in building and construction applications.

Proven products for residential and commercial applications include high- performance roofing systems, insulating air barriers, insulating air sealants in kits and cans, adhesives, coatings and application equipment. With ISO 9001-2008-certified plants, BASF Polyurethane Systems employs experts in the fields of product research and development, technical support, product application, customer service, logistics, sales and marketing.