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Next Generation Low-Global Warming Potential (GWP) Technology

At BASF, we continually strive to formulate new, quality products. By using low-GWP blowing agent technology, our next generation closed-cell spray foam products deliver a low environmental impact.

Check out the product information below to learn more about these innovative products.

The link below to the SPFA website provides additional 3rd-party life cycle assessment and validation of environmental impacts, including embodied energy and carbon impact of spray foams versus conventional insulations. The BASF product performance is included within the ASTM Environmental Product Declarations, which can be found HERE.

WALLTITE® Closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulating air barrier system

Raising sustainability to new heights. WALLTITE® is a closed-cell SPF air barrier system formulated with a low global warming potential HFO blowing agent, which is compliant with global hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) phase-out protocols and state regulations in the US market. This non-ozone depleting material helps to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of buildings.

To learn more about why WALLTITE® is the right choice for your next commercial insulation project, see below.

Walltite® HFO Commercial

Walltite® HFO

Walltite® HFO Contractor Sell Sheet

Evalution Report

CCRR-0374 Report


SKYTITE® C3 Series spray-applied low-slope roofing system

High-performance SKYTITE C3 Series roof foam uses next-generation HFO blowing agent and boasts several other benefits such as superior surface texture and improved coverage rates. SKYTITE C3 is a sustainable roofing system lasting 20-30 years and can be applied to most existing substrates meaning less waste in landfills. Want to know more of the benefits of using SKYTITE C3? Additional information is below.

Skytite® C3 Brochure