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JIM'S TIP - August 2010

Where do I find the insulation value of a 2 x 4 steel stud wall with 1/2" sheetrock, 1/2" foam sheathing , wood siding and COMFORT FOAM®? Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL) has published a Whole Wall Rating/Label for Metal Stud Wall Systems with Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF); Steady State Thermal Analysis which can be found on P 12, Products, R-Value Performance Studies in the BASF Residential Toolkit.

If you visit the interactive calculator on the ORNL website - CLICK HERE. You can put together your wall assembly virtually. You will enter:

Wall Technology Type:

Steel Frame

Structural Material:

2 x 4 16" o.c.

Cavity Insulation Type:


Thickness of Foam Sheathing:


Exterior Finish Type:

Wood Siding

By clicking on each component, you will find detail drawings showing the specific construction. The boxes on the right are those which represent R-values, calculated using tests.

The screen shows a summary along with options to look at other technologies.