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Graco Fusion Air and Mechanical Purge Spray Gun

The Graco Fusion spray gun applies everything from polyurea and polyurethane coatings to spray foam. They are designed for less maintenance and downtime, a longer lifespan and a better mix. Combined, these features give you optimal performance and high productivity, making the Fusion a superior plural-component spray gun.

Fusion® CS Spray Gun with ClearShotTM Technology

The Fusion CS with ClearShot Technology is a plural-component spray gun designed to keep the mix chamber clear of built-up material, allowing you to keep spraying without stopping to clean the spray gun. The secret to ClearShot Technology is the liquid in the cartridge sit into its handle; this cartridge dispenses ClearShot Liquid into the mix chamber at each trigger pull, dissolving any built-up foam and keeping the mix chamber clean.

Graco GX-7 Plural-Component Spray Gun

Designed to handle the toughest job-site conditions, the GX-7 mechanical-purge spray guns are dependable and high-performance models. These guns have superior mixing and pattern control with their unique internal impingement mixing design and the adjustable air cap cleaning allows you to spray longer.

Graco Flex Coatings Gun

The Flex Coating Manual Airless Spray Gun is lightweight and ideal for all-day spraying. The large fluid path minimizes clogging and its ergonomic design is comfortable, reducing fatigue at the end of an application. For maximum flexibility, you can connect the hose directly to the gun through the spring guard.

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