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The BASF RESIDENTIAL FOAM TOOLKIT and ROOFING TOOLKIT are now available online. We offer both toolkits to qualified customers. If you are a BASF qualified contractor, please register below.


    The Residential Foam Toolkit includes:
  • Applications - Foam and Coating Application Guidelines, Specifications, Details, Drawings, Equipment, and Training
  • Products - General Information, Technical Data Sheets, Studies, Brochures, and Collateral
  • Codes and Compliance - Building Codes, Specific Sections Related to SPF Applications, Working with Code Officials, How To Find Answers
  • Selling Process - Selling Aids intended for the Homeowner, Building Contractor, Design Professional, and Rebate Opportunities

    The Roofing Toolkit includes:
  • Application Information - SPF and Coating Applications Guidelines, Technical Tips and Bulletins, Guide Specifications, Details, Applicator Safety Procedures, Equipment and Training
  • Product Information - Technical Data Sheets & SDS (formerly MSDS), Approvals, Studies, Promotional Literature and Project Profiles
  • Codes and Compliance - Building Codes, Foam Plastic and Roofing Sections and BASF Code Compliance
  • Selling Tools - Selling Process information and Rebate Opportunities