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Lowest cost re-roofing 95% of the time
Highest performance all the time

Imagine a roofing system that provides more than 20 years of leak-free performance with little-to-no maintenance. Imagine that same roof giving you improved building energy efficiency, the industry's best severe weather resistance and the lowest lifecycle cost.

Now imagine installing it directly over your existing roof - saving labor, hassle, disposal costs and the environment all at once.

Low lifecycle cost, low-maintenance, leak-free, and energy efficient

Studies conducted by Structural Research Inc. for the National Roofing Foundation, Texas A&M University, Michelsen Technologies, LLC and the National Roofing Contractors Association show that SPF roofing systems:

  • Offer the lowest lifecycle cost
  • Provide 20 to 30 years of low-maintenance, leak-free performance
  • Install directly to existing substrate in almost all retrofit situations, reducing costs and landfill waste
  • Improve building energy efficiency through superior insulation properties and elimination of thermal bridging
  • Provide the highest wind uplift and severe hail resistance in the industry
  • Are sustainable through recoating

SKYTITE spray-applied polyurethane foam roofing systems and SKYTITE protective coatings have been tested and approved by third-party accreditation to meet and exceed most performance requirements.

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BASF McIntosh replaces roof with SKYTITE