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      When You Think of Spray Foam, What Comes to Mind?

      If you thought "insulation", you're technically right.  But did you know there's much more to spray foam than its excellent insulating value? 

      That's why we say spray foam is more than just insulation.

      Buildings and Homes with SPF Gain Benefits Like:

      • Increased Energy Efficiency and Reduced Energy Costs
      • Improved Indoor Air Quality with Less Dust and Allergens
      • Increased Structural Strength and Durability
      • Improved Comfort and Sound Control

      Looking for Technical Documents? Visit our Resource Center.

      What is Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)?

      Spray Polyurethane Foam or SPF describes a category of high-performance spray foam insulation and air barrier material that delivers multiple benefits in one application. These advantages include high insulation values, near-zero air permeability, increased building strength, severe weather and flood resistance, increased occupant comfort, improved indoor air quality, reduced operating costs and lower environmental impacts.

      Because spray polyurethane foam is fully adhering and seals hard-to-reach penetrations, it provides unequaled air sealing properties for the entire building envelope. Reduced uncontrolled air leakage results in lower utility bills and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

      BASF manufactures both closed-cell and open-cell spray polyurethane foam products for residential and commercial construction, providing the right SPF system for any type of well-engineered building envelope. The BASF two component application process features a wide range of specially formulated polyurethane spray foam offerings that meet specific site and surface requirements.

      Additionally, BASF also offers a number of waterproofing or damp-proof coating materials resulting in high-performance, durable spray foam roofing systems for any climate that stand the test of time.

      Due to the technical skill required, these systems must only be applied by professionally trained spray foam contractors with experience and high-quality processing equipment, specially designed for SPF applications.


      Spray foam is part of the BASF Performance Materials business, which provides better, faster and more cost effective construction solutions and other polyurethane products. Whether new construction, retrofit or restoration, BASF high-performing materials improve energy efficiency, increase durability and help speed construction, while also offering a lower lifecycle cost and reduced environmental impact.

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