In 2012, BASF created Disaster Durable Solutions® in response to the growing frequency and severity of natural disasters across the globe. By utilizing our closed cell spray polyurethane foam (SPF) products, trained spray foam applicators can help contractors and homeowners satisfy critical requirements for the FORTIFIED HomeTM. The program's purpose is to provide voluntary and risk-specific standards that add crucial property protection upgrades to minimum code requirements. Our foam can be used in both new and existing homes to act as a water barrier and secure roofs during high wind events.

Already well known for its energy efficiency savings in high performance homes and buildings, BASF SPF is gaining recognition for its ability to improve the disaster resiliency of homes and businesses. In fact, closed-cell foams are even recommended by FEMA for homes in flood-prone areas. Its closed-cell construction means it does not absorb water, unlike drywall and fiberglass insulation. Foam also offers higher compressive strength and can sustain more of an impact from hail damage compared to a traditional roofing system. When full adhered to the structure, the foam also offers greater wind uplift resistance than many alternatives. BASF aims to create stronger building envelopes and roofing systems that protect against disasters.

  • Mitigate the effects of water, hail or wind-related weather events.
  • Seamless application offers higher R-values than traditional insulation.
  • Increases the strength of walls and ceiling.