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Next Generation Low-Global Warming Potential (GWP) Spray Foam Technology

At BASF, we continually strive to formulate new, quality products. By using low-GWP technology, our next generation closed-cell spray foam products deliver a low environmental impact.

Check out the product information below to learn more about these innovative products.

WALLTITE® Series closed cell spray foam insulation
Your home to your comfort zone. Our WALLTITE spray foam insulation is formulated using a low-GWP expansion agent that was designed specifically to lower environmental impact. At BASF, innovation is important. We are creating better buildings today for a better planet tomorrow.


Walltite® HFO Fact Sheet

WALLTITE® HP+ Series high performance wall systems
Raising sustainability while raising the performance of your home. WALLTITE® HP+ is a closed-cell SPF air barrier system formulated with a low-GWP expansion agent, which is compliant with global phase-out protocols and state regulations in the US market. This non-ozone depleting material helps to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of buildings.

To learn more about why WALLTITE® HP+ high performance wall assemblies are the right choice for your next insulation project, see below.