Improve home energy efficiency with SPF by sealing the building envelope from top to bottom

Foundations, walls, and attics are all key air leakage control areas. Here are some benefits-at-a-glance on spray polyurethane foam.

Foundations: SPRAYTITE closed-cell, spray-applied polyurethane foam under slab and on the exterior of foundation walls adds thermal protection and moisture management to the structure without reducing the usable space within the basement to eliminate cracking, shrinkage and moisture problems.

Walls: SPRAYTITE closed-cell SPF and ENERTITE open-cell SPF sprays in and around difficult-to-reach areas such as pipes and wiring, creating a monolithic seal. All products offer excellent insulations within wall cavities. Closed-cell SPF offers additional benefits of structural strength and an even greater R-value than conventional insulation products.

Attics: SPRAYTITE closed-cell SPF insulation in the attic or the ceiling stops uncontrolled air leakage and keeps energy costs under control.

Gaps, Cracks: Polyurethane insulating air sealing products create air barrier continuity within the building envelope. At intersections and transition points, one- and two-component polyurethane insulating air sealants are installed from within the building structure to seal and insulate critical hard-to-build areas, such as windows, doors, penetrations, parapets and soffits.