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Graco Reactor E-10

The Reactor E-10 is a small, ready-to-use system that helps you get in and get smaller jobs done fast without sacrificing performance. The Reactor E-10 sprayers are ideal for plural-component spray, joint-fill jobs and touch-ups. With smart controls that are easy to setup and simple to operate, the E-10 is a natural complement to any proportioning equipment line-up.

Graco Reactor H-25

The Reactor H-25 Hydraulic Proportioner is the entry-level model for spraying both polyurethane foam and polyurea. The H-25 is lightweight and has easy-to-use hydraulic units that combine the horizontal Gusmer pump line and Graco's industry-proven technology, such as digital controls and system diagnostics. These sprayers are ideal for plural-component polyurethane spray foam.

Graco Reactor H-40

Used in both polyurethane foam and polyurea applications, the Reactor H-40 is a high-output hydraulic proportioner, spraying up to 45 lbs/min. The Graco Reactor H-40 provides superior performance for high-volume applications, letting you get big jobs done faster. Its hybrid heater heats material quickly and maintains temperature, so you can spray at maximum flow rates with optimum results.

Graco Reactor H-50

The H-50 Foam Proportioner is the latest high-output proportioner for applying spray polyurethane foam. Designed specifically for high-volume applications such as large commercial projects or roofing applications, the hydraulic H-50 Foam Proportioner delivers up to 50 pounds of foam per minute. The H-50 has 140 size pumps installed for users who need to work faster and accomplish more in a day.

Graco Reactor E-Series

The Reactor E-series is a plural-component proportioning system that has been upgraded with industry-leading technology. Equipped with material data and system diagnostics, the improved E-Series gives the operator more control. The advanced features are designed to provide longer life, less downtime and reliability. Advancements include circulation valves with longer-lasting seals, heat transformers that do not require tap settings, hose heat circuit breaker modules to eliminate the need for an in-rush limiter, and modular heater control boards that minimize downtime and make for easy component change-outs.

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