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ELASTOTITE G 20140 Polyurethane Insulating Adhesive


Why make holes in your leak-proof roof? ELASTOTITE G 20140 polyurethane insulating adhesive makes leaks caused by nails and screws a thing of the past.

Spray-applied and seamless, with tenacious adhesion to almost any surface – even in a wind storm.

ELASTOTITE G 20140 insulating adhesive:

  • Installs significantly faster than traditional mechanically-fastened systems for lower labor costs
  • Provides an almost-silent application for reduced disruption to building occupants
  • Fully adheres to most substrates including non-nailable decks
  • Eliminates fasteners for no thermal bridging
  • Fills gaps and seams between insulation boards to enhance the integrity of the system, recover R-value loss and improve building energy efficiency

Compare ELASTOTITE G 20140 with traditional systems

ELASTOTITE G 20140 Mechanical Fasteners Hot Asphalt

Fast – no drilling required, large areas completed without moving equipment

Difficult – hammer drilling and pre-drilling required

Difficult – higher elevations cause headaches, frequent relocation of equipment on roof

Energy Efficiency

High – provides additional insulation, eliminates thermal bridging, in-fills gaps in board stock

Low – can contribute to thermal bridging

Low – does not contribute to roof insulation

Deck Type

Tenacious self-adhesion to almost all decks including concrete and gypsum

Pre-drilling required for concrete, tectum and gypsum decks

Suitable for most deck types

Occupant Disruption

Low – almost-silent application, no odors, no VOCs

High – noisy pounding

High – offensive odors



Fasteners may penetrate building interior

Tar transfer soils other building surfaces